Family and Income Changes

Keep us up-to-date

Always report the following information to the Franklin Housing Authority:

Any change in the amount of your income.

Any change in the source of your income.

When any additional people move into your home.

When any people move out of your home.

When you have any visitors who will be staying with you longer than a week.

When you go out of town for more than a week.

Please notify the office immediately at 432-3416 regarding any of the above changes. You are also required to provide this information to us in documentation.

If necessary, we will make an appointment with you for an interim re-examination.

Annual Re-Examinations

At least once each year, the Housing Authority of the City of Franklin will review your household income. This is called your annual re-exam. The purpose of this annual re-exam is to ensure you are paying the right amount of rent based on your income and family size.

You will receive a letter and income verification papers to sign. These papers will include a list of items required for your annual re-exam. This letter arrives before your meeting with your case manager is scheduled. It gives you a chance to gather the information you need.

You will receive a letter setting a time for an appointment with your Case Manager. During this meeting, your Case Manager will complete the paperwork for your re-exam. Your Case Manager will ask questions about your income and about who lives with you, and will answer any questions that you may have about your rent.