Most housing assistance programs require that your unit be inspected once every year. Yearly inspections help the Housing Authority of the City of Franklin keep our properties in good condition for you and for future tenants. If the inspection reveals repair needs, the Maintenance Department will repair the items.

Items that could cause your unit to fail include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-functioning smoke detectors
  • Non-functioning or lack of fire extinguishers
  • Space heaters that are not vented
  • Large cracks or holes in walls
  • Windows that are cracked or do not shut properly
  • Locks that do not work
  • Peeling or chipping paint
  • Hot and cold running water in kitchen and bathroom
  • Missing handrails for any extended length of stairs
  • Plumbing that leaks
  • Items stored on/around hot water heater
  • Blocked access to electric panel blocked
  • Failure to maintain the unit in a clean and sanitary condition
  • Failure to give prompt notice of any required repairs
  • Alterations and/or additions to property without written authorization by the Housing Authority of the City of Franklin
  • Changed or additional locks or locking devices
  • Removal of closet doors