Tenants' Responsibilities

Tenants pay 30 percent of their income, less any utility allowance.

Landlords and tenants sign a one-year lease. The tenant cannot move within the first 12 months of a new contract. The landlord signs a one-year contract with the Housing Authority. Contracts and leases can be cancelled after the first year with a written notice to the landlord and a copy to the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority must receive a copy of all notices.

Tenants are responsible to pay their portion of the rent directly to the landlord. The Housing Authority will pay the balance on the first of each month. Landlords may collect a security deposit to cover costs of damages or unpaid rent. If a tenant does not pay his or her rent, damages the unit, or disturbs neighbors, the landlord has the right within the lease and the landlord/tenant law to serve an eviction notice. The Housing Authority only needs a copy of the notice. We cannot give legal advice with regard to this action.